Low Cement Castables

• These materials show some differences on their application methods according to the other castables. Low cement castables need vibration during their application. These materials have high strength and low porosity.


• When you use less than the package amount, you should mix rest of the product and take the amount you need to provide homogeneous dispersion and to prevent segregation. You should not use partial product from the top of the package.


• We advise you to use cement mixing machine for your mixing operation. The equipment you will use for mixing need to be clean before the operation.


• The total time of mixing should not exceed 4 minutes.


• Mixing water should be clean and its temperature must be between 10-20°C.


• The water quantity suggested for these materials is between % 5,5 – % 6,5. Mixture should be prepared with accurate in a form of near solidification.


• The vibrators used for mixing the material can be used either by putting it in to the material or placing it on a die. The vibrators can be electric powered or air engined. The vibrators which placed deeply, should be taken out slowly to prevent leaving air at the behind. For the best result, you should use vibration tables for your operations.


• The vibration should be stopped if air bubbles are falling out. The total time of vibration should not exceed 5 minutes. If you exceed this time, you can not reach homogenous dispersion.


• Stiffening starts 4 hours later after the mixing operation completed due to the surround temperature. Solidification end approximately 42-72 hours. Die must be taken out after 48 hours. Remaining solidification of the castable continues by air.


• When you need to accelerate the solidification process, you can use special additions. But it should be known that these additive materials reduct catalogue strength values of the castables approximately % 5-10.


• The temperature must not exceed 50°C.


• You should prevent the contact of the material with direct flames until the working

temperature is being reached.