KİL&TAŞ has produced more than five hundered of monolitic refractory to satisfy demands of every industrial establishment where smoke curls from their chimney and factory.

KİL&TAŞ, pioneers innovations in Turkey, has sustained research-development and laboratory working. Meanwhile it has made a partnership with the world’s leading companies. In this way, KİL&TAŞ has both improved its knowledge and technology hardware and served its costumer by power of a global brand.

KİL&TAŞ efforts to make the best production in a reasonable price with experienced engineer in its laboratory. It transfers new technology which it applies in the process
in refractory industry by made strong partnerships around the world

KİL&TAŞ with never compromising of quality attitude imports its raw materials from Virginia and Guyana regions where the best quality raw materials are produced in refractory field. KİL&TAŞ benefits the best technology in the world prides to become Turkish Refractory Industry’s leading firm with revealed scrupulous, ethical business relationships to create excellent customer satisfaction.