ISOLITE Isolated Fire Bricks

Insulating fire brick is a very special insulating brick by having low thermal conductivity and being used in interior coating on hot surface of furnace and backup insulation. It resists up to 1800o C.

KPD Isolated brick

KPD insulatıng brick at 900o C is generally used like dense or hot materials as a secondary insulation material in industrial equipment insulation. Fireproof feature of the product is allowed to use in buildings and construction as a basic insulating or fire resistant material.


MOSKONI Isolated Chamotte Bricks

Insulating fireclay brick is generally used in industrial furnaces as a insulating and lining layer. It is a porosity material including 30-46% Al2O3. Insulating fireclay brick has much higher resistance in coldcrushing strength, slag resistance and  corrosion when compared with fireclay brick.

Samot Bricks

Isolated chamote brick is often used as an insulation and lining layer in industrial kilns. Chamote isolated brick is a porosity material containing 30-46% Al2O3.


Suspended brick with high alumina content is used along with insulation materials in the ceilings and side walls of kilns. Hanger brick is of high strength and has high resistance to wear and erosion.

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