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KİL&TAŞ has produced more than five hundered of monolitic refractory to satisfy demands of every industrial establishment where smoke curls from their chimney and factory.

KİL&TAŞ, pioneers innovations in Turkey, has sustained research-development and laboratory working. Meanwhile it has made a partnership with the world’s leading companies. In this way, KİL&TAŞ has both improved its knowledge and technology hardware and served its costumer by power of a global brand.

KİL&TAŞ efforts to make the best production in a reasonable price with experienced engineer in its laboratory. It transfers new technology which it applies in the process
in refractory industry by made strong partnerships around the world

KİL&TAŞ with never compromising of quality attitude imports its raw materials from Virginia and Guyana regions where the best quality raw materials are produced in refractory field. KİL&TAŞ benefits the best technology in the world prides to become Turkish Refractory Industry’s leading firm with revealed scrupulous, ethical business relationships to create excellent customer satisfaction.



As we are KİL&TAŞ, we are sustaining to fly with our rings while giving up waiting Simung. We are setting on fire ourselves to be reborn from our own ashes.

Each of us is progressing by risking to be a Simung, recognizing our own power and improving Simung.

We are leading in the refractory industry with experience of over 35 years, more than 4000 costumer in domestic and overseas, over 500 varieties of production. We are working to provide excellent service in from heat loss calculation, anchor system to system design and from refractory applications engineering to project services.


Operating in refractory manufacturing sector our company adopts below written basic principles as a policy by accepting that its employee health and occupational safety are basic principle and increasing employees’ environmental, occupational health and safety awareness


  • To prevent pollution, to ensure efficient use of natural resources, energy, raw materials and materials.
  • To ensure the reduction of waste and rendering waste harmless.
  • To support reuse and recycle as much as possible
  • To work with zero occupational accident by taking measures to prevent occupational accidents in every step.
  • To prioritize environment, health and security factors in planned investment.
  • To improve environment, health and security awareness.
  • To fulfill legal obligations related applicable environmental and occupational safety and  the other requirements and KİL&TAŞ has developed continuously all these subjects with an environmental approach that highlights employee’ health and occupational safety



Our company KİL&TAŞ established in İstanbul in 1978 which is one of the most experienced companies in Turkish Industry of refractory. We pride to have a just recognition in the eyes of our customers with our knowledge, experience of over 30 years associated with never compromising of our quality attitude. We have generated over number of 300 different refractory metarials to supply the needs of more than four thousand of customers who are our partnership in our country and all over the world. In addition to this, we feel proud to present a perfect just job along with ceramic fiber metarials, engineering and undertaking affairs, and field of application working.

Technology grows rapidly as happened in each field in today’s world. We have been working in our research and development laboratory everyday to produce most cheaply the best and lastest one with never-ending patience. In addition, we have transfered new technology which it applies in the process in refractory industry by made strong partnerships around the world.

We devoted to rule the fire by working all together with our labour and engineer for the last our thirty years. At the end of this period of time we firmly believe that we successed to create a global company. We pride to be able to serve you who are our dear customer with experience of over thirty years and the first day of excitement.

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