AGE 35, HALF OF ROAD; AGE 39, ON THE ROAD.If someone says “Age 35,, we will complete the sentence immediately: eder Half the way is worth” ..Like Dante and Cahit Sıtkı, as Kiltaş, if we let ourselves into the wind of romanticism, we would surely feel that way, in the 39th year of our establishment… A little bit frustrated, a little bit offended, too tired…They are not the age they live alone, but two great values that have deeply affected even today. Italian Dante Alighieri, one of the three greatest names in Western Literature, along with Shakespeare and Goethe, author of the masterpiece Divine Comedy; the other is the poet Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı, one of the masters of Turkish poetry, “35 Yaş”.Cahit Sıtkı'nın “age thirty-five tarih date 1945… Dante's“ half of the road eder says the date 1300 years… And Kiltaş “age thirty-nine, the beginning of the road” 2017 ”2017 is the 39th year of the establishment of Kiltaş. In other words, when the calendars showed 1978, in a symbolic way, he set out with çıkmış a shovel and a heart;; we started to earn our bread from “stone”.As we said in love with Veysel master, we bellowed the black soil. We learned to understand the land, to listen and then to love. He gave us sustenance, just as he gave us flowers and fruit. Only our sustenance? .. Tens of families, hundreds of people gave livelihood, gave jobs.Yes, our job was soil, mud… We played in the mud, but we didn't sink. We have preserved our values and created values. Neither our labor nor our industry cheap, did not sell cheap. We have seen quality as a way of life, not into small accounts. We brought our raw material from one of the world's best production locations, from Virginia and Guyana, at the expense of longer travel. Do not reduce the refractory fire resistance; so that the efficiency of production facilities does not fall düşWe said “The Word is Silver,, and we signed our promise. We have boldly brought many innovations to life. We took risks, we trusted, we trusted. we have signed a distributorship agreement with the world-famous companies became partners in Turkey.As Kiltaş, the urg Simurg ın of the refractory world, we have always flown with our own wings. In our beautiful country where crises, revolutions and economic bottlenecks are frequently experienced, we have grown up and down in our own country, without hurting our name in the markets and being reborn from our own ashes.With over two thousand customers at home and abroad, with more than five hundred product types, we have worked to provide a perfect service in every field from heat loss calculation to anchorage systems and system designs, refractory applications to engineering and project services.Just because we are industrialists, we did not set up our world only with economic figures. We stood close to art and culture. We took care to be sensitive and sensitive. We knew the values of our values from Barış Manço to Neşet Ertaş, Ayten Alpman to Berkant, Yılmaz Güney to Zeki Müren; We thanked them for the light they added to our lives. We missed our era of innocence with Adile Naşit, Münir Özkul and Nubar Terziyan in Yeşilçam films; We have tried to remind our new generations to our new generations, albeit from time to time. We never said “this era“; In a period when many of them were distributing promotions of Chinese miracles, we carried our values that were already forgotten even by the press back to the agenda. We carried the most important representatives of Turkish Music, Turkish Cinema and Turkish Sports to our calendars and we respectfully remembered them.You are a little tired, a little bit daunted, a little bit offended, yes… Because Kiltaş is an organism that lives from its founder to every employee, representative and customer. They have as much life as they bring to life. If a mother cries in a house, a soldier gets cold, a child doesn't sleep without waiting for her father, we get hurt. We cannot remain indifferent to terrorism, deaths, destruction, earthquakes, fires, the rise of the dollar, and the rise of unemployment. Decreases our energy, morale power; we are experiencing many negative things that prevent us from daydreaming. We feel tired, old, desperate and exhausted.But then suddenly something happens !. One morning we see the sun. We see a child's laugh, the light in the eyes of an old man, the way a teenager takes food to a stray cat. We're warming up. A beautiful investment somewhere, a new song around us, embracing an old friend we haven't seen in a long time, a film, a book, a flower that blooms in our garden blossoms our hopes. We're getting younger. Our energy is rising. Our hopes are young, our confidence is like a child. “Come on,” we say, “all over!”There's still much to do. The match has just begun! ..Kiltaş is 39 years old today. Although it may seem that half of the way for a human life, this is not a very long time for an institution. Because we are all in an intense business life that is breathtaking in order to master, to institutionalize, to grow targets, to provide integration with the world, to open up to new markets. You know, the day is short, time is running fast and we have more work to do.We are not trying to be the greatest, the greatest. We are here to achieve great things, to be good.

We hold on to life believing that the good will eventually win and hope to leave a good world. Work our lives, work with fun and passion ...

This article on the 39th year of Kiltaş was like a journey to the past at a table set up with close friends and where memories were laid out on the table.

So, many years, Kiltaş.

Today is 39th year 40th.

Forty times, mashallah!

Nejat Gümüş
11.01.2017, Istanbul


I saw that when I was a kid I knew nothing, I knew everything when I was young, and now I knew nothing.

It is not only the age of learning, but also of changing; I saw you come with experience.

Life is to take the road on a bike; If I was fast, I would go, but I should not lose my balance… Most importantly, I saw that I had to hang on the pedal more during the slopes, in difficult conditions.

I saw that most of the things I had planned were not happening, and many things that I had not even thought about.

That good days and bad days can happen; I saw that they can change just as the sun goes on after the darkest night, and the spring comes after the coldest winter.

Every time I got into the little accounts, I saw that it cost me.

I've seen life begin with hope.

No matter how contradictory it is to us, no matter how strange it is, I have seen that there is a certain truth, and that everyone likens to us is contrary to the balance of nature.

I saw that the effect of physical beauty was over in fifteen minutes, and after that, the beauty of the soul came into play.

I saw that some people emit a light when they enter the room, and some people leave a light when they leave the room.

I found that my wrong decisions were more valuable than indecision.

No quality goods, not sold at a cheap price; I have seen that compromising quality is “cheapening”.

Instead of interpreting myself as successful / unsuccessful compared to others, I found it more accurate to compare to what I can do.

I saw you can't be a hero without risk.

I saw that art made my life more bearable.

I saw that the first condition of being generous was to give away smiles and love.

I also saw that I could enter each meeting by saying im my ideas ”were right, and I could say unda I think the other idea was right unda at the end of each meeting.

I have seen that what we all need is confidence, trust and trust in both personal and business relationships.

I have seen that your love increases as you work, work, spouse and your child.

I saw that the real age of the human being is the age of the soul and that it does not age as long as it protects the child in it.

I've seen the woman spend more than her husband earns.

In some cases I was very unlucky, in some cases I was very lucky; I saw myself constantly unlucky and made me unhappy and hopeless.

It is a kind of “grounding uğraş to deal with the soil, to have a hobby, to love the flower / beetle; I saw my body relieve stress.

I saw that the person doing the work he loved worked like he was on holiday.

Sometimes I found that waiting for something was more pleasant than coming.

I saw that my child's imagination was bigger and more free than mine.

I've seen that playing with one's dreams is the worst thing to do to him.

I saw that I shouldn't have a headache for others, even if I had big pains.

I saw that what we needed most was love, and that we were all cheeky of love.

I have seen that people can be as successful as they think they deserve.

I have seen that the majority are good, although there are people who sometimes annoy us, darken our world, and make our hope go blind.

I've seen that when you give the right to every moment of life, when you live to the fullest, you live really long.

I found that being kind was more important than being perfect.

I saw that in an indispensable situation, the best thing to do is not to give up.

And I saw that the word var there are more days to see en is the right one.

Yours truly.

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We're bored like LEMONS! ..

Some nights, time slows down. In such moments, one chooses a moment to remember and grief. Of the thousands of bad memories, it finds and removes those who hurt the most from the waste between consciousness and its predecessors. Some nights, time forgets to flow. A person wants to bite you for hours without passing. A poor poodle, whose memory, abandoned after years of being spoiled for years, no longer able to become a stray dog, but without a home to go, pitifully jumps from place to place. Some nights, time stays stuck somewhere. There are some songs just to let you listen at such time. Some poets can be understood at such times. Some stories only and only at such times bearable. Some nights, when the ice is as hard as a knife, it is cold and transparent. An invisible hand dips it into the most sensitive part of our soul…

We're bored. Disaster is bored .. While having fun, reading a book, dealing with the rush of daily life, we never forget to be bored. We're bored very well. When we seem to be a little disintegrated, we are boredom, we create impossible love for ourselves, drink and drink until we faint, and break up everything around us and increase it. There is nothing we rejoice about, and we don't recall sighing the good days that passed. I don't think there's even a good day. Never mind the song, "pavements know, what a period we were magnificent" saying "Pavements do not know anything, we could not be great in any era. We are very ingenuated in deceiving ourselves and others, telling us things that aren't, and proud of our old ones, souling them with familiar tales sos

Actually, we have a lot to say. But we're getting cold. And we're bored. At first we were looking for people to share our pain with great enthusiasm around us, now we want people to ask questions. When asked, according to the degree of closeness ‘life’ or ‘shake it off’ we respond and silence. Not that we have nothing to say, we actually have a lot to say, but we don't want to talk because what we've said so far hasn't worked. We don't want sensitivity, we don't care for compassion, pity, help. All we want is calm. I can only think of one thing worse than a person who asks questions like, "What's wrong?" Insan What do you have? Birden more than one person said,… The biggest thing people will do to us is to keep their mouths shut and stop asking silly questions. We want people who see the wall behind us when they look at us, that's all around us…

We get bored of something quickly. We get tired of our work, our wife, our house. We became a very consuming and spoiled society; Or are we people who don't know what they want? .. Our children don't grow up like us; they have dozens of toys and unfortunately all of them are getting bored on the same day. We don't want to eat the hangover the next day. “Gene leek! Gene chicken! ”

We were very tired of waking up at the same time, crossing the same roads, going in the same directions, doing the same job, dealing with the same people, having the same conversation.

Unending installments, foreign debts, the Jewish Lobby, the problems in the East, America's involvement in everything, the series that prolonged, the songs that repeat the same things, timeless flight planes, "go today, come tomorrow," said the sleeping citizen, one forward two back football, three weeks coach hive managers were very bored.

We're all bored with a lot more. We get bored with boring people, we get bored with boring people. We get tired of our relationships quickly, we don't remember what we call love today. We are bored of our responsibilities, we are bored more than irresponsible. When we say ım I am bored ”, we are bored immediately from our friend who makes a cold joke that“ tight life is good, come out late ”.

So, the essence of the word is that we live a very boring life; we are very bored. So don't think you're bored alone, everyone is bored.

But don't worry, the famous Russian novelist Dostoyevsky said something that would make you feel better for such situations:

“As one's mind grows, its distress increases.”

So see the good side of a de

Smart lives have always been like this…

I wish you a beautiful life…


Nejat Gümüş
November 20, 2015, Istanbul

Don't wait, you will NOT come!

What a fresh dead grave

Nor is Satan a sin

As long as I expected you. ”


The sharp pencil of the poem, master Necip Fazıl Kısakürek began to mention that in his famous poem…. Whoever loved him with such a great love and waited with such a longing! ..


Wait is a distant word to us? .. Our life does not pass at every stage, every hour, always waiting for someone and waiting for someone?


Wait and hold people at both ends of the same action. Think of a train ride, there is a waiting, there is a waiting. Of course, the worst is that you don't have one waiting bekleyen


In fact, none of us have the right to complain because we're waiting. Because we kept 9 months waiting for two of our favorite people: our parents. Who knows, that mother's patience that the world has difficulty understanding, developed while waiting for her baby.


Then life begins to test us and our patience. At school, we wait for the breathing bell. We'il wait for the day we get a report card. We'il wait for the diploma. In a bank, in a government office, we wait for our turn. We expect the manager who will sign a document to finish the phone call. We'il wait for the moment we're gonna get in the game queue. We'il wait for a bus at the stop. We'd expect an empty taxi in rainy weather. We expect to hear that our mother loves us the most and that our father is proud of us.


Life is hope. We expect the big jackpot in the lottery. We're waiting for the championship of our team. We wait for the moment when we will enjoy the drunkenness of victory with the promise of “Wait for us in Europe.. Regardless of how many times we have made our job applications, we wait for the news that you have been accepted to work by holding our breath. Then we wait for a raise, wait for a promotion, wait for a bonus.


Our hearts are attached to someone at an unexpected time; we wait for that person to respond to our emotions with a single smile, a salute, a conversation, to show a light of hope, our hearts blunt. Friendship, dating, then we make a marriage proposal, we wait for the answer to this offer. We know that a “yes ya will forgive us the world.

When we are at work, we do not know the time, we look at our watch, we wait for the moment when we will get home and our family. Then he returns to the beginning; o As we have waited 9 months, we wait for the moment we will hold our baby. Then life continues for us in another orbit; where the child is the center of the world ler We wait for him to crawl and walk; to start school, to graduate. He started to work, he said… We even started to live “second spring alarak by taking our grandson in our arms. Somehow you can not be ready at the same time, first you get angry, then get used to those who say söyl.

We are bored at home, loneliness is bad, a door bell is stolen, a close friend, we expect a friend to come to visit us. We'd expect some good news from a distant relative. We expect some good news in the main news bulletins where inflation has fallen and economic indicators show good.

Time passes quickly. Old age, diseases, fondness… Leaves begin. First we lost our grandfather, then our parents. Now it is time for our peers and friends. Every day we get news of someone's death, getting used to it. Fears have started inside. Aba I wonder who's next? ”… Yahya Kemal's famous Silent Ship has been the poem. “If the day has come, a ship departing from time / unknown goes up from this harbor / It does not take silently as if there were no passengers.

Then suddenly something happens; The sun shows its face, albeit slightly, by heating our face… A good news in the newspapers, a beautiful song you love, you hold on to a poem. If your child wants something from you, your dog looks at you like a son, in a bird chirp, in a match your team wins, in a bowl of soup prepared by you, in the smell of a flower, life is the greatest gift and even a memory is more than anything. .


Then you'll have a sneering smile on your face and say, bekle Wait a bit, Az to Azrael.


"I'll come!"

Nejat Gümüş


This is the joke that you all know; Nasreddin Hodja is pouring yogurt into the lake. Those who see it are confused, “Teacher, what are you doing? Sor he asks. The teacher says, çalı I'm stealing yeast in the lake oca. The astonishment of those who heard it increased once more, “Hodja, does the lake hold yeast! Hiç

Nasreddin Hodja is quite confident, “what if he does? Tut

We laugh at what Hoca did and see what we do.

For example, the shoddles attached to the tree, the healing beggars begging from the tomb and much more. Telli Baba, Tuz Baba, Helvacı Baba, Somuncu Baba, Sümbül Efendi, Yushavud Hill and others…

The girls seeking fortune go to the Tomb of the Seven Girls in Manisa. Those who want to have children visit the tomb of Hüseyin Gazi in Tokat Zile, and put seven stones about the size of lentils under their pillow and sleep.

Eyup Sultan is visited before the circumcision of children. House, car, business people who want to stay in Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli Tomb. There is also the Hacet Dede Tomb in Manisa for all kinds of requests.

This is not over! Or Gülbaba Tomb in Ankara is full of people who want to go without any accident and pass the journey in peace.

What is medicine, who are doctors; Konya Sadrettin Konevi Tomb's name among the people halk Çıban Healing Tomb ”. It is believed that the Dede Baba Tomb in Afşin district of Kahramanmaraş is healing for paralysis and epilepsy diseases.


Pregnant women prefer the tomb of Niğde's Ibni Dai Dede for easy birth. In order to marry my marriage well, we go to Telli Baba Tomb in Rumelikavağı.

Imam Efendi Tomb in Elazığ is visited to cure the illness of our age. Of course, does the tomb work, how many percent reduced unemployment in the country, no one knows. Statistics are not kept…

This time your wishes will be fulfilled for all your wishes.

In fact, for all these wishes to come true and for a good life, everything is called money. Your salary is not enough, you do not have the power to get something you want? Do you have other great dreams, the lucky bird is at your head! ..

For example, is there a small number of people who buy national lottery tickets on a regular basis, albeit one in a million? Millions of tickets are not sold?

It's not enough, Monday's Number Ten, Wednesday's Chance Ball, Thursday's Super Lotto, Saturday's Numeric Lotto. Scratch Cards cab Of course, if you add Super Toto, İddaa, Six Ghanaian Horse Races, you have a chance to become rich at any time. Well, casinos, casinos are another world…

If all this is not enough, our work is left to Allah.

Good luck.

Nejat Gümüş
October 13, 2015, Istanbul


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